Hike to the Top of Langfoss Waterfall – Guided Day Hike

Come with us to the top of one of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls! This hike will take you up to an altitude of 640 m above sea level. From there you can enjoy the fantastic view over Åkrafjord and Folgefonna National Park. Our local guide will enrich this hike with stories and facts.

The old path up to the mountain pasture meanders in zigzag upwards along the steep mountainside on the left-hand side (the North-east side) of the waterfall. The first part of the hike will lead us through beautiful pine forests. This path which has been masoned by hand many places, tells about many generations‘ stress and strain; it is still in use when sheep are taken to the summer pastures up in the mountains. You won’t see much of the waterfall on your way up, but you will hear its drone. When you reach approximately 300 meters altitude, you will see a signposted path which is leading directly to the waterfall – then you can admire the waterfall’s drone and the forces of nature at close range. The further you go upward, the better and more beautiful the view. You will see the Fjord and Eljarvik farm right down below you. The path is well signposted and marked with funny, old names of places and altitude marks. The top point is „Rock Lookout“ (Vardahaugen) at 640 m above sea level, with a nature beyond words and a magnificent view! You will see all of Åkrafjord and the surrounding mountains; you will see Folgefonna glacier and the green glacier river down to Mosnes valley; You will hear Langfoss waterfall thundering and plunging down the mountain on its way to the Fjord, right beside you.

After having reached the top, you can indulge in a well-deserved meal break and the breathtaking view, before you eventually follow the path for some hundred more meters towards Langfoss mountain pasture (Langfosstølen), where you again can enjoy a completely different nature landscape: the mountain pasture cabin is situated on a clearing, and the river meanders smoothly through the green and fertile nature. Here you can experience a charming idyll forming a surprising contrast to the mountains around „Rock Lookout“ and Langfoss waterfall right beside it, with a height of fall of 612 metres.

Challenging hike, approximately 1.8 km one way, with a 625 meters rise. Not really suitable for children under 6 years.

Estimated duration for one way: 2 hours. Sturdy shoes and adequate clothing are required. Don’t forget to leash your dog. Long-term parking is available at Langfoss rest area along E134; there you will also find a kiosk and toilets. Take the underground passage, and follow the excellently signposted path that starts right beside the road.

Season: from approx. June – October.


  • The old path to the mountain pasture
  • The viewpoint half on your way up
  • “Rock Lookout” (Vardahaugen) at 640 m above sea level
  • Langfoss mountain pasture


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