Rent a Canoe, Rullestad Lake

Two Canoes for rent on Rullestad Lake.

We have two canoes for rent at Rullestadvatnet. You can rent for two hours (NOK 250,-) or the entire day (NOK 500,-).

Canoeing is a fun activity for both children and adults, and our canoes are wide and stable ensuring everyone will feel safe on the water.  Each canoe rooms 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children, but is also easy to maneuver alone. Included in the rent are 3 lifejackets and two oars per canoe. The lifejackets are suitable for everyone from 40 – 120 kg. Children under 40 kg must bring their own lifejackets. The canoes have ergonomic seats, cup holders, a waterproof room for valuables and a cooler/storage room. Everything is layed out for you to enjoy the time in the canoe. The Rullestad lake is an idyllic lake surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, a river and beautiful cultured landscapes. The fishing in the lake is good, and fishing from a canoe is nice and easy.

The canoes are located at Rullestad Camping. Lifejackets and oars are to be picked up at the camping’s kiosk. To access the equipment, you must show the receipt from your online booking and payment.

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