Tractor Safari to Eikemo

This is a somewhat exotic trip to a place „where nobody would believe that someone could live there“.

Eikemo village is known from the Norwegian TV series with the same name. Experience the farms, the animals, the nature and the wonderful people on that side of Åkrafjord, where there is no road connection. You are very welcome to an extraordinary trip to a very special place in the West Norwegian mountain landscape.

This tour will take place upon special request, or upon registration of at least 10 people. The tour starts with a short boat trip over the Fjord from Viskjer terminal to Eikemoland. Our local guide will take you to the further trip, 3 kilometres up to Eikemo – in a trailer which has been especially designed for a tractor. Up in Eikemo, we will make a short stop, before we head on to Eikemo mountain pasture which is another 3 kilometres up the mountain. Here you will have a short guided tour over the mountain pasture; you will be served coffee at the camp fire, and homemade Lefse. As soon as you have arrived to the mountain pasture, you will be gripped by peace of mind. Up here, there is no mobile network, and there are no other „disturbing elements“, either.

On our way down again, we will stop at Eikemo’s own “Pulpit Rock”. This is a magnificent point of view which gives you a splendid view down to wonderful Eikemo river. This round trip will last for approximately five hours; please, don’t forget sturdy shoes and adequate clothing.

Departure Viskjer quay at 11:00, return at 16:00


  • Tractor safari
  • Eikemo village
  • Eikemo mountain pasture
  • Lots of animals
  • A very special natural landscape
  • Peace and quiet
  • „Pulpit Rock“


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